Proposal MH

Proposal MH

On November 5th voters will be asked to consider a City Charter Amendment of a net increase of only 3.3687 mills for Proposal MH - a quality city for a quality life. 

This millage will:

Improve Emergency Services  = 2.5 mills  

  • Hire new firefighters, police officers and dispatch employees to handle increase demand in calls for services and improve service
  • Maintain or replace critical equipment and infrastructure

Stabilize Funding for General Operations and Library Services  = 2.93 mills

  • Replace expiring Library (1.0 mills) and Millage Restoration (1.18 mills) millages
  • Consolidate two other separate millages for Advanced Life Support and Vehicles and Equipment into the base charter millage

Provide Quality of Life Amenities = 0.57 mill

Resident input through the Master Planning process both city-wide and Parks and Recreation will determine specific projects to be included throughout the city in park amenities and recreation programs