1980s Timeline

October 27, 1989

Madison Heights Police raid a John R garden shop suspected of selling marijuana plants.


The Lamphere School District becomes the focal district in Michigan for the JASON Project. Founded by Dr. Robert Ballard, the JASON Project gives students throughout the country an opportunity to work directly with scientists in such areas as deep-sea and rain-forest experiments through satellite and Internet links. By 1996, Lamphere's Primary Interaction Network drew 20,000 students from across the state to participate in the project.

August 15, 1989

Madison Heights City Council plans to combat the impact of the tax-limiting Headlee Amendment. The Council feels there are no funds to finance needed road repairs unless there is a Headlee override.

December 17, 1988

December 17, 1988 City discusses a $50 million dollar plan to upgrade and reopen the garbage incinerator. Residents oppose the reopening.


Bishop Foley Catholic High School gains an Exemplary School Award for parochial schools.


John Page Middle School earns a National Exemplary School Award. In 1987, Lamphere High School earns the same award.

August 10, 1983

August 10, 1983 The Lamphere School District sells the Simonds Woods area to the City for use as a public park.