1940s Timeline


Dredging and other improvements are made to the Red Run Drain. An intercity agreement is signed to make further improvements.


Township dump on 13 Mile between John R and Dequindre, owned by August Hasenbein and William Desand, closes following complaints by residents. The dump moves to John R north of 12 Mile and is later referred to as the Bishop-Bolday Dump.


Township library moves next to the police station.


Construction on new Township Board Building begins at 26337 John R.


Township branch library moves into the Township Hall.


Cooperative Lumber and Supply takes over the old Veterans Sawmill at John R south of 14 Mile Road.

June 1945

Voters in the Lamphere School District vote to enter into an agreement with the federal government for a four-room addition to Lamphere School.


The Lincoln-10 Civic and Improvement Association seeks to have the area incorporated as a city, buy the county rejects the proposal. The proposal suggests naming the community "Victory City."


Madison Heights Methodist Church buys the old Kendall School for a church. In April, the school is moved to 11 Mile and Groveland.


The Royal Oak Township Police Department moves from its headquarters at John R and Farnum to a facility at John R and Sixth.


Dr. M. Shoskes becomes the area's first resident doctor.


Royal Oak Township Police and Fire Department created.

September 28, 1942

New Madison American Legion Post No. 288 opens and Pecky Levins is selected as first post commander; his wife is named president of the auxiliary unit. Lewis later becomes Mayor of Royal Oak.


The township fire department moves to the Madison area from the new city of Hazel Park.


Madison High School students sell magazines and earn enough funds to buy an electric basketball scoreboard for the school.


Co-operative Homesteads formed as a nonprofit corporation to construct affordable homes on 120 acre tract of property. First house is build on 13 Mile east of John R and is owned by John L. Brzenewski. Co-op members do all of the construction themselves.