Curbside Pick-up


  • Order items online, in the myLIBRO app, or over the phone using your library card number and PIN. Wait for notification that your items are available.
  • Once you have received notification that your items are available, call 248-588-7763 or schedule an appointment using the myLIBRO app or myLIBRO webpage to arrange a pick-up time.
  • Arrive at your scheduled pick-up time and  park near the Library's West Entrance.
    • The driveway to the Library West Entrance is located off of 13 Mile Rd, before the South entrance to City Hall.
    • Staff will bring your items to you from the Library's West Entrance.
    • If you miss your appointment window, please call back or reschedule through myLIBRO to set up another time.
  • Call 248-588-7763 and tell the person you are here for curbside pick-up. Please provide your name. 
    • When you give your name, library staff will verify they have the items you are picking up.
    • Your items will be checked out to your account and brought to your car by staff with a due date receipt.
    • If you are returning items, please provide them in a disposable bag.
  • When you have your items, please exit SLOWLY and CAREFULLY.

Library West Entrance and Curbside Pick-up Location

Curbside Pick-up Location: Library West Entrance