Emergency Medical Services

Statement of Services

In November 1997, Madison Heights voters approved Proposal ALS, which provided funding to upgrade Fire Department emergency medical services to the advanced life support (paramedic) level.  Following staff training, advanced life support services commenced in February 1999.  The Fire Department’s thirty-one paramedics are capable of starting intravenous lines, administering medication, providing advanced cardiac life support and other specialized treatment protocols, all while working under the radio supervision of a base hospital physician. 

Following patient stabilization at the scene, Fire Department paramedics transport patients to three area hospitals which include St. John Oakland, Beaumont Royal Oak and Providence Hospital.

Blood Pressure Program

All citizens who periodically monitor their blood pressure may have their blood pressure checked at Fire Station 1 or 2 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

CPR Instruction

CPR Instruction is offered by qualified instructors within the Fire Department. Contact the Madison Heights Fire Department at 588-3605 for more information.  

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