Why Is Your Address Important?

Emergency services personnel need to quickly locate, and easily read, your address to provide emergency and other services to you. Help us protect you, your property, and your family by making sure your address is correctly displayed and easily readable.


All structures in the City of Madison Heights are required to have an address in Arabic numerals posted on the front of the structure facing the road. Numbers on residential buildings must be displayed on, or near the front door, be at least 3" high, and be readily visible.
Address Number
The street numbers on commercial buildings must be displayed in such a manner as to be readily visible to occupants of vehicles immediately in front of such building during all hours of normal daylight and must be 4" high. If such street numbers are hidden by an awning or appurtenance, supplementary numbers should be installed so as to be visible from the center of the street.


The color of the numbers must be in direct contrast with the immediate background upon which they are mounted and cannot be affixed to glass.