Special Response

In addition to fire suppression and emergency medical services, the Madison Heights Fire Department also possesses a number of special response capabilities.


Currently 7 members of the Fire Department are trained as hazardous materials technicians and they respond with a 14' Special Response Trailer equipped with the supplies needed to handle hazardous material spills and leaks.

Oakway Mutual Aid Pact Hazardous Materials Response Team

If additional manpower or resources are needed to contain and/or mitigate the incident, the Oakway Mutual Aid Pact Hazardous Materials Response Team can be mobilized. The haz-mat technicians also undergo specialized training in dealing with weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, chemical and biological agents.

Technical Rescue

The Madison Heights Fire Department also has a technical rescue team that is supported by equipment carried in our specially equipped 24 foot long technical rescue response trailer. Technical rescue entails the disciplines of trench rescue, confined space and high angle rescue as well as building collapse.

While technical rescue is still relatively new to the Madison Heights Fire Department, we have already purchased a large supply of rescue equipment and are working diligently to train personnel and improve our response capabilities in this area.