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Current Bids / Requests for Proposals (RFPs) / Online Auctions & Deadlines

Madison Heights uses the MITN Purchasing Group for bids, RFPs and auctions. Visit their website.

Please note that bid documents /addenda must be obtained directly from the City of Madison Heights Offices or at the MITN website. Other sources are not considered official and unofficial bid documents may be disqualified from the bidding process.

Feel free to check back often as this page will be updated to provide a listing of current Bids and RFPs. 

Please be aware that all responses to bids and/or RFPs must be submitted per the specific instructions contained within them. Do not submit via email.


ITB 1025 - Lawn Maintenance/Weed Mowing/Debris Removal Services (04/12/18).


 RFP MH 18-02 Cross-Connection Control Program Services (04/11/18)



Purchasing Policy

The overall intent of the City of Madison Heights Purchasing Policy is to maximize the purchasing power and value of public funds through a procurement policy that maintains a system of quality and integrity; and promotes efficiency, effectiveness and equity in public purchasing. It is the goal of this policy to recognize the obligation to the taxpayers to maximize the purchasing power of public funds to gain the best value for our residents.